BEERDS was founded by two bearded brothers from South Florida. The brand launched with their signature products on Amazon in April 2022. There are two things that motivated the brothers to start BEERDS. First, it was their sincere desire for better quality products. Second, it was to deliver more positive, uplifting brand experiences.

We're here to do things differently than the way "Big Beard Care" has done it up to now. You deserve more transparency, more support and better care from the brands you allow into your daily routines. We recognize and respect that fact.

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LFGrow: The Guide

LFGrow: The Guide

This is a free guide to growing a sexy, healthy beard without the irritation or itch. No matter if you're just starting or have been growing your beard out for a bit, you'll be able to apply tips shared in this guide. No email required to download this guide.

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