BEERDS Wholesale Program

Welcome to BEERDS! Thank you for your interest in our brand and products. We are accepting wholesale applications at this time. Please be advised that we will not be accepting all interested candidates. In order to preserve our brand, we will be evaluating your methods of operation, marketing and sales plan, existing traffic or audience engagement, etc. If your application is approved we will reach out to you for initial contact. In addition, after you're approved you will receive a box of samples to the address provided in the application.

You can quickly and easily apply by clicking here and completing the application.

We always put our customers first and part of that commitment is a dedication to establishing fruitful, long-term relationships with quality retailers. That's why we are vetting each applicant. 

The Buying Process for Wholesale Partners

If you are approved to become a wholesale partner/retailer, you will be given access to our online wholesale ordering tool. You will be able to choose the products you'd like to sell and how many cases you'd like to purchase. The case sizes are dependent on the product and will be detailed on the wholesale listing for each product. Any limitations or max quantities that are applicable will be clearly stated on the wholesale listing as well.

Minimum Order Quantities

Each product in our catalog has its own MOQ requirements. Please carefully review the wholesale listings to ensure you will meet the MOQs.

Current Lead Times

Please note that our current lead times after your first order has been placed is 4 months. This provides you with freshly batched products that go through safety testing and clean room quarantine period. We are open to discussing options to speed up the turnaround time after you show a proven record of sales with our products.

Wholesale Orders Shipping

We ship quite a bit of products ourselves for our e-commerce sales, so we know how expensive it can be at times. We will work with you to find an affordable option that suits your logistical needs and budget. Please note, you will be responsible for all postage and related shipping costs.

Wholesale Returns/Refunds

All wholesale orders are final. We do not accept returned product or refunds unless you have a documented extenuating circumstance, at which point we would evaluate your situation and work with you to achieve the best resolution.

Thank You

We truly thank you for your interest in working with us and look forward to hearing from you. If you'd like to start the process, please fill out this application form and we'll get back to you ASAP if you are approved to be a wholesale partner.

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