The BEERDS Bro's Story

We started BEERDS® because we saw a need for better quality products and more positive brand experiences in the men’s personal care market.

Hello, my name is Tommy Bussey.

I founded BEERDS with my younger brother, Shane, back in 2020. Here's a pic of us, we're real brothers and we care a lot about each other and our business and most importantly you, our customers.

About the BEERDS Bro's and their quest to change the beard care game

During COVID-19 lockdowns we were busy doing research and development of our own beard care products. We didn’t want to do a “private label” off-the-shelf formula like so many companies are doing and we wanted to make our products here in the US with top quality natural ingredients. Due to a family health matter we had to delay the launch of BEERDS and are proud to be selling on Amazon since April 2022.

Over the years we both had tried so many men’s products and none of them lived up to our standards for quality and brand experience. That’s how we got interested in men’s personal care because we were already doing our own routines. We seemed to be always trying the next product whether it was for hair, beard or skin, trying to find stuff that worked how we liked. So, we decided if we want products we’re going to have to make them ourselves.

Once we got into R&D phase we ordered all of the top selling products for beard oil, beard butter, beard wash, beard balm, beard wax and also hair and skin products like men’s shampoos and conditioners, styling pomades and even daily moisturizers. We truly wanted to know what we were up against in terms of the good and the bad of each existing product on the market.

My brother did a fantastic job isolating top ingredients, identifying major pain points and then we added our own spin to it. You see, the name “BEERDS” was initially a joke between the two of us for a make-believe barber’s lounge that we were going to run someday called “BEERDS”. We have a dry sense of humor so the name was always just a humorous inside joke. But, during our research and development we had brought the name up as a potential name for the products we were working on. We laughed it off though being that without the “beer” aspect from the barber’s lounge it didn’t make as much sense.

However, the research I ended up coming across put a change in the wind. I had been thinking one afternoon about what sort of unique natural ingredients we could use to amplify the quality and effectiveness of our products. The funny part is the brand name “BEERDS” was still in my head because it’s just funny, but in that moment I thought about researching hops extract to see if it was used in personal care products or if it was good for the skin and hair.

After doing some digging and reading medical journals and case studies I found out that humulus lupulus “hops” extract was a new, upcoming ingredient that’s full of bioavailable terpenes packed with nutrients and antioxidants that benefit the skin and hair. There is even a case study on PubMed where they successfully treated acne with humulus lupulus. So, I called my brother up and said that I thought we could try using hops in all of our products like a booster ingredient and then we can use our name “BEERDS” for the company. He was in and BEERDS was officially born.

After spending a good deal of time and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in our own funds to test many different variations of our desired products we finally nailed down our three signature vanilla birch beard care products: BEERDS Beard Oil, BEERDS Butter Balm and BEERDS Beard Wash, plus our Pro Kit and Deluxe Kit offerings.

By the time we got a warehouse squared away and the first round of inventory ordered we were more than ready to get our products out there and see what people thought because we tested them against all the benchmark competitors and felt (still feel) our products can’t be beat.

We are currently working on new products for men’s beard, hair and skin, seeking to bring a positive change to the men’s care industry and hopefully to get more men taking care of themselves. If you read our Soothe, Groom, Grow philosophy on the home page you’ll note that we are firm believers in care routines because it builds confidence and character.

We are truly passionate about what we’re doing with BEERDS and it may be a fun name, but we’re serious about men’s personal care.

Thanks for reading a little bit about how we got started and please follow along on socials @beerdsme or you can even follow our Amazon Store for updates there.

Thanks in advance for supporting our brand, we’re working hard to deliver exceptional products and valuable experiences to each customer.


Tommy Bussey

PS. I am opening the lines of communication to our customers, if you ever need anything or have questions about the company or products or anything on your mind, feel free to shoot me an email: If you have a general support inquiry or issue with an order, please email